Welcome to Inter Translations

The idea to create a translation company was born after many years working intensely in the language industry. Every member of our trained, qualified staff draws on his/her vast experience to skillfully respond to each and every client need.

At this time, over 150 professional translators – including language, engineering, law, and other graduates – collaborate with our company regularly.


Our expert translators look forward to having the opportunity to prove their skills to you. Whether you belong to a government agency, a multinational corporation, or a small business, we encourage you to tap into our rich translation talent pool and allow us to delight you.

Thanking you in advance for trusting us to help!

We hope to form a relationship and collaborate with your organization very soon.

Our Services


Our company offers both technical and general translation .

Technical Translations

A Technical Translation is, no doubt, one of the most complicated translations. Selecting a suitable translator is critical.

Legal Translations

Legal language can be extremely complicated, and translating this language requires expert attention.

Financial Translations

For many companies, translating their annual reports, policy statements, financial notes, etc., is a mandatory process, but it does not have to be an obstacle in international business.

Medical translation

Translation of medical documentation is one of the most complicated and critical types of translation as it deal with human health.

Literary Translations

Literary translations are translations of texts from literature created in any of the traditional genres. These may also include television/movie scripts, radio transcripts, and other works of this nature.





Quality Control

Inter Translations makes every effort to provide highly professional services with maximum quality. We collaborate only with the most qualified and experienced translators available, which include economists, engineers, lawyers, and many other qualified professionals.

Translations are supervised by trained linguists so that we may provide you, our customers, correctly document translations in a timely fashion.

Job Offer

Inter Translations carefully selects and unites the best professionals. If you are a freelancer with extensive experience, please send us your CV.

We are constantly seeking new high-level specialist translators to add to our team.

Send us your CV to any of the following emails:



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